Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 1893

"Illustration is such a dangerous thing. It is so apt to set the readers ideas into a fixed and hardened shape instead of allowing them to flow into and through the channel of words."
Howard Pyle to Mrs. Charles Fairchild, April 30, 1893


David Rickman said...

This is a wonderful quote, especially from an illustrator who so clearly and permanently fixed the world's ideas about how the past looked - especially pirates but also Robin Hood and King Arthur. I'd love to know where the original letter is in order to cite it in a paper I am writing about how Pyle used historical costuming in his illustrations. Could you share? Thanks.

Ian Schoenherr said...

But of course - it's from the University of Virginia Library. I'm away from home, but in a few days I could get a more precise location of the piece if you need one. Also, my apologies for not posting more about Pyle's use of costumes. Contact me directly (via email on my Profile page) and we can talk.