Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the Palazzo Strozzi, 1911

“The Strozzi Palace is perfect, and is even yet lived in by a remnant of the Strozzi family. All around the palace there are link holes in the wall with great rings where those who lighted the links assisted themselves to climb to them; and the building itself is as fresh as though it were built five or ten years ago.”
Howard Pyle to Stanley Arthurs, February 16, 1911


Dangold said...

What are link holes?

Ian Schoenherr said...

He probably meant "link-holders" and either misspoke or his secretary misheard him as he dictated his letter. A "link" in this sense was a torch. One can almost make out the iron rings running around the lower part of the building - and, I think, ring-less link-holders in between the sets of windows on the upper floors.