Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered

I just received a copy of Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered - the brand new book which complements the exhibition of the same name at the Delaware Art Museum.

It’s pretty gorgeous: lots of pictures - as well as essays on different aspects of Pyle’s work.

Get one from:


Jeff A. Menges said...

Wow! I expected an exhibit catalog— but this sounds far better than I had hoped. Looking forward to the show. Thanks for the updates and insights, as always.


My Pen Name said...

James Gurney also has copies for sale on his website

TJ said...

Do you have any idea what story the cover of the book was originally intended for? It is really strong.

Ian Schoenherr said...

It illustrated “Sindbad on Burrator” by A. T. Quiller-Couch in Scribner’s Magazine for August 1902. The original oil - 23.75 x 15.75" - belongs to the Delaware Art Museum, though I suppose it’s now on loan to the Norman Rockwell Museum (through the end of October).